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I've built installer for my(c#, wpf) application by visual setup project.

I share my project over internet by web site. But when I download the file I receive warning(actually looks like terrible error or virus) that the application(setup.exe) can harm my computer and apocalypse will come in near future if I will run it.

Yes my installer is not signed by MS certificate, but I saw that other installers of others application also don't have cert but the warning is not shown(for instance installer of notepad++).

Do you have any suggestions or solution of my problem?

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Like @ta.speot.is pointed out, unless your application is as famous as notepad++, you have to sign it to avoid that annoying warning. –  Lex Li Apr 8 '12 at 12:46
Ok, I understand now. Thanks for answers. –  nosbor Apr 8 '12 at 18:19

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You're probably a victim of SmartScreen. This blog post explains it in more detail, and how you can build reputation:

Reputation is also generated for digitally signed downloads based on the digital certificate used to sign the file. Digital certificates allow reputation to be assigned to a single identity (digital certificate) across multiple files. If you are not signing your programs, reputation will be built independently for each file you distribute. In contrast, signed programs may inherit the reputation of your digital certificate.

I've been bitten by this recently, in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview SmartScreen blocked a ClickOnce application I was developing from running without warning. I guess they're still working on it...

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