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I have acefaces datatable with file names, one on row and I'm trying to add a download button using ice:outputResource, but I fails in sending the filename to outputResourceBean.

My datatable looks like:

<h:form id="exportedFiles">
       <ace:dataTable value="#{exportBean.allFiles}" var="upload" 

                        <f:facet name="header" >
                            <h:outputText value="Název souboru"/>
                        <h:outputText value="#{}"/>

                        <f:facet name="header" >
                            <h:outputText value="Dowload file"/>
                        <ice:outputResource id="downLink" 
                                            label="Download PDF"

And my bean look like this:

public static final String PDF_NAME = "Download_PDF.pdf";
public static final Resource PDF_RESOURCE = new MyResource(PDF_NAME);
public String getPdfName() { return PDF_NAME; }
public Resource getPdfResource() { return PDF_RESOURCE; }

I can get the filename using #{} but I have no idea how to send it to bean when clicking the Download button...

Thanks for help in advance!

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You can wrap your list containing the files into a ListDataModel. That allows you to access the data of the current selected row index.

public class ExportBean {

    private ListDataModel<MyResource> allFiles;

    public ListDataModel<MyResource> getAllFiles() {
        if (allFiles == null) {
            List<MyResource> files = new ArrayList<MyResource>();
            files.add(new MyResource("doc1.pdf"));
            files.add(new MyResource("doc2.pdf"));
            files.add(new MyResource("doc3.pdf"));
            files.add(new MyResource("doc4.pdf"));
            files.add(new MyResource("doc5.pdf"));
            allFiles = new ListDataModel<MyResource>(files);
        return allFiles;

    public String getPdfName() {
        // add the getResourceName method to MyResource
        return allFiles.getRowData().getResourceName();

    public Resource getPdfResource() {
        return allFiles.getRowData();

And the xhtml page would look like this:

<h:form id="exportedFiles">
    <ace:dataTable value="#{exportBean.allFiles}">
            <h:outputText value="#{exportBean.pdfName}" />
            <ice:outputResource resource="#{exportBean.pdfResource}" attachment="true" label="Download PDF" type="button" />
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Thanks, very helpful! – Johnny Greenwood Apr 13 '12 at 8:37

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