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I want to count the share numbers and who shared it of product ,

What type should I use to store in Redis? sorted sets?

I used sorted sets before, every product's share info store in ZADD('share','product id',0)

But now, I want to store who shared it.

It can be done in mongodb easily, but how to do it in redis?

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Why do you want to do it in Redis? And what have you tried? – Sergio Tulentsev Apr 8 '12 at 12:15

Create another Sorted Set, or better - a Hash, which contains the Product IDs along with who shared them. That's if at most 1 user is able to share a product.

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If the order is not important, use for each product:

SADD shares:<pdoruct_id> <user_id>

If the order is important uniqueness isn't:

LPUSH shares:<pdoruct_id> <user_id>

If both the order and uniqueness are important:

ZADD shares:<pdoruct_id> <current_unix_timestamp> <user_id>

and then you'll be able to do

ZREVRANGE shares:<product_id> 0 100 and get the users in the order they've shared the item.

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