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I am a student and now I develop model of small processor in C language. Program, which processor must do is in file. Now I try to write a program, which will be read something from file. It does not work! I work in Ubuntu 10.04 and write code in GVIM. There is a archieve of my program : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/48293648/testfolder.tar.bz2 Errors: in console I see only "1" symbols, not "hello world" Code

#include <stdio.h>
#define DEBUG 0

void main(void)
FILE *f;
int c;
f = fopen("text.txt", "r");
if(f == NULL)
    printf("ERROR opening file");
while( (c=getc(f) != EOF))
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while( (c=getc(f) != EOF)) has a parenthesis in the wrong place; you are assigning to c the result of getc(f) != EOF.

(Also, why do you have the program simply continue with an invalid (FILE *) if the fopen() fails? The most likely result is a core dump.)

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while( (c=getc(f)) != EOF) Will be work well, FYI

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