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I've changed it into a .spec file, after which it tells me to run build.py. I do this, but it comes up Build.py: Error: Requires exactly one .spec file, and then doesn't do anything. What am I doing wrong?

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I recommend you use the standard PyInstaller script pyinstaller.py, which combines all the other scripts into a single interface.

Just type:

python pyinstaller.py your_script.py

and PyInstaller will create a Build and Dist folder, and put your exe in the Dist folder.

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  1. put your script in a new folder.
  2. run the 1st script (configure.py if memory serves)
  3. run the 2nd script (make.py yourfolder\yourscript.py again from memory)
  4. run the last script(build.py yourfolder\yourscript.spec)

you should have an exe now. good luck.

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Following is what I use to make an exe.

using python ../pysinstaller-1.5/Configure.py

python ../pyinstaller-1.5/MakeSpec.py -F --noconsole -n name-of-the-app path-to-your main-.py-file

python ../pyinstaller-1.5/Build.py path-to-name-of-the-app.spec-file-produced

Note: You should need to run Configure only once after a fresh install.

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If you have pyinstaller set in your path variable, as I do, all you have to do is:

pyinstaller -F

And it automatically generates everything else.

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