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I'm new to MySQL so I really need some help with an issue I'm facing: I have 7 tables in same database with some datas from tests: The 7 tables have different columns but they all have these columns:

  • name.
  • second_name.
  • status.

In status are added current status of each student (accepted or rejected) and I want to display using select the name, second_name from the 7 tables where status = accepted.

I managed to display from 1 table

SELECT name, second_name FROM test1 WHERE status="accepted";

But I can not figure out how to display from all 7. It will be a real help for me if somebody could give me a hint.

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If you do not mind duplicate student names with multiple accepted tests, you can try doing it with UNION ALL:

(SELECT name, second_name FROM test1 WHERE status='accepted')
(SELECT name, second_name FROM test2 WHERE status='accepted')
(SELECT name, second_name FROM test3 WHERE status='accepted')
-- ...and so on
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thanks this will help me a lot :) – wpmika Apr 8 '12 at 14:25

IMHO it's better to normalize database to have all the names, secondnames and statuses in the separate table and do the only select instead of UNION to improve performace.

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