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I'm trying to create copy of a mp3 file.This I need to trim that mp3 file.So using input,output stream can be used to this I guess.Can the normal text file type of copying will be able to create a file that could be played .Someone with good knowledge of file handling in java help me in this.

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MP3 file is binary file. So as long as you copy MP3 using binary file operations copy will succeed.

However to trim an MP3 file, you need to be aware of MP3 file structure. MP3 file consists of series of MP3 frames. Each frame starts with a MP3 header and followed by data. MP3 frame header contains information, using which you can find frame length.

More details on MP3 header at http://www.id3.org/mp3Frame

So as long as you copy at integral number of frames, you should be okay. Even otherwise, decoders will ignore incomplete frame.

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