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I have an entity Tag and an entity Note. A note object can have several tags, and a tag object can have several notes. So say now I have a Note object note1 and I have tag objects tag1 and tag2. I add note1 to the notes set in the tag1 object. Then I also add note1 to tag2 object. My question is, is there only 1 instance of note1 system wide? Or are there now two copies of note1, one for tag1 and one for tag2?

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Well, there may or may not be more than 1 references to note1 system-wide (you might have fetched the object somewhere else), but both tag1 and tag2 will have the same note1 object (this is what you mean with same "instance", right?). The one that - if you've configured the relations correctly - will have two tags, namely tag1 and tag2.

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