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in my class i have a property with name "from" but i can't use it in my linq statement ?

is there any solution or i have to change my property name ?

lst1 = (from p in db.adv where p.isShowInMainPage && p.isShowInHeader && (p.from <= DateTime.Now)  orderby p.id descending select p);

lst2= (from p in db.adv where p.isShowInMainPage && !p.isShowInHeader orderby p.id descending select p);

when i use p.from compile error occure :

Error   14  ; expected  

in the SQL we could use [] ([from]) . is there any similar thing in LINQ

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At (@from) in the beginning should work in C#, in VB.NET you use [from]

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You could do as @Ales says and use an @ symbol in front of the property name. Alternatively you could rename your property to From using Pascal casing - the .NET design guidelines on capitalisation conventions suggest using Pascal casing for properties.

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