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Is it possible to create virtual files (such as /proc/uptime for exanple) in java? That is, the file does not really represent a physical entity on the hard disk, but when accessed, some process returns the content.


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For your interest, I fail to find something useful in google or here. I believe that I am using the wrong keyword 'virtual file', but I have no idea how it is really called. – user1284566 Apr 8 '12 at 15:40
uptime is also a shell command in Linux and has a similar command in Windows. Just open a new process and say uptime on a Linux machine and systeminfo | find "Time:" on a Windows machine. – Hunter McMillen Apr 8 '12 at 15:44
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You could try using FUSE to create a virtual filesystem. When mounted, file system calls (e.g. when you execute ls in a shell) will end up calling your code.

Apparently there are some Java bindings for it as well.

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As a regular process, you cannot create a file like /proc/uptime, since it is exposed by the kernel.

You can try to create a named pipe that is a good way to communicate with a single process. But even for that you'd have to jump out into JNA/JNI, or use the shell.

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