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I have a table Page. Every record in this table have a primary id.

Now, I have a table Photos, with has:

  • id for each record.
  • idPage which refers to a page.

I need a sort of key in the table Photos : so, when I add the same record on the table Photo with id and idPage twice, it doesn't add it twice.

I know in MySql is UNIQUE key. What is in SQL Server? And how can I create it?

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On your Photos table, use id and idPage together as a composite key. That will prevent duplicates.

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I think you are looking for the CONSTRAINT UNIQUE, since the primary key id is unique by default, so all you need to keep the two compination id and pageid is add to the pageid a CONSTRAINT UNIQUE. Which will be equivilant to setting the id and pageid together as Composite key.

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If your id is a primary key, it must already be unique and you won't be able to have the same photo on more than one page. You probably want a join table PhotosPages with a PK of (idPhoto,idPage) rather than storing the idPage directly in the Photos table.

Alternatively, you can create a unique index on (idPage,id). This would probably be appropriate because idPage is a foreign key for pages and having the index would certainly speed up any joins that you would do. A unique constraint is another possibility, but an index is more useful, in my opinion.

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