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Please does anyone know if there's a way to make Graphviz's dot program (note: not neato, although I'd also be somewhat interested in answers for that) auto-fit the width of nodes to accommodate the labels I specify? At the moment I have this

    node [shape=record];
    n [label="This is a very long caption"];

but the node ends up too small to accommodate the caption:

Bad Graphviz output

I found an option called fixedsize, which in theory I should be able to set to false in order to make the nodes expand to fit their labels:


Unfortunately, it doesn't work, as this gives me the same result:

    node [shape=record, fixedsize=false];
    n [label="This is a very long caption"];

Any ideas please?

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The node label width in your example actually does auto-fit when using dot.

fixedsize=false (default) and any given value for width however should yield the given value for width if the output format is dot:

Note also that, if the output format is dot, the value given to width will be the final value.

There may be a problem with your version of graphviz - did you try using a recent version?

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I saw that comment in the docs actually, although I have to say I then got the exact same behaviour when I tried it with neato. I think you're right that I should probably double-check to make sure my version of Graphviz is the latest one - will try it and report back. –  Stuart Golodetz Apr 9 '12 at 21:58
I think the documentation refers to the dot output format, not the layout engine creating the output. I'm not sure whether this means the label width will still be adapted when outputting for example to a png with a given width and fixedsize=false. –  marapet Apr 10 '12 at 8:57
Very good call, it's the layout engine - it works fine with -Tpdf. Jolly odd if you ask me! –  Stuart Golodetz Apr 10 '12 at 23:16
More specifically, it seems -Tpng:gdiplus suffers from the problem illustrated, whereas -Tpng:cairo:gd and -Tpng:cairo:gdiplus don't. –  Stuart Golodetz Apr 10 '12 at 23:20

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