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I have a following plot with logarithmic y-scale that I plotted using ggplot2 in R.

enter image description here

convergencePlot = ggplot(allCosts, aes(x=V2))
finalPlot = convergencePlot + stat_bin() + scal_y_log10()

When I plot this I get the following warning:

Stacking not well defined when ymin != 0 
  1. I do not understand this warning. How can I remove this warning?
  2. I see that the plot starts form 1 for all values of x except some where it starts from 0 and end at 1 (red circle). Is this an error?
  3. Some x-values that I see on the extreme left (I guess 77 and 76) are not present in my original data. How can I remove those values? (green circle)
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It's very difficult to answer this question without some sense of what's in your actual data, but here's a guess at least:

Try + stat_bin(drop = TRUE) instead.

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The data that i have is basically a list of numbers. The x axis represents those numbers while the y-axis is the log of number of times each of the x-value is repeated. I used the log scale to make sure that the values that are very low can also be visible in the graph. –  Ankit Apr 8 '12 at 17:09
@Ankit Yes, that much is quite obvious, but not terribly helpful. That's why we generally request that people provide a reproducible example, complete with data and code. –  joran Apr 8 '12 at 17:30

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