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I am using the validation plugin in which we validate whole form using validate plugin of jquery

By this we can setup what to call when validation of form is correct like

    submitHandler : function(form) {

this submitHandler() is fired when form is validated in correct sense but i want to fire this action when form is incorrectly filled. where to right code for that event

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may be this link would help. click the examples tab – uDaY Apr 8 '12 at 17:56

you can rather call valid() method of jquery.validation plugin which return boolean value for example

$("#btnSubmit").click(function() {
  //Here you can check if valid() method is true proceed or else you can return false;
  // your task
 return false;
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I believe you are looking for invalidHandler

As stated in the docs, this is a "callback for custom code when an invalid form is submitted."

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