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I have website made in php_fox framework and my client want some changes on website but he don't want that changes on his server directly so firstly i have install that website on my localhost. so is it possible to install that website on localhost??? because right now i am getting 505 internal server error :(

Thanks, Ruchita

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yes you can install phpfox at local – Ankit Agrawal Aug 26 '14 at 12:37
please remove .htaccess file and make changes in include/setting/server.sett.php $_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = '2'; – Ankit Agrawal Aug 26 '14 at 12:39

yes, you have just to activate rewrite_module in apache from apache module (wamp)

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Please check your server.sett.php (\include\setting)

search $_CONF['core.url_rewrite']

value of this variable should be 2 at localhost

$_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = '2';
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Please check your server.sett.php (\include\setting)

  1. change the following $_CONF[''] = 'localhost';
  2. edit this $_CONF['core.folder'] = '/'; to $_CONF['core.folder'] = '/<your_phpfox_dir>/';
  3. and edit $_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = '2';
  4. Additionally configure database settings
  5. Delete everything inside \file\cache

Now run the phpfox instance in your localhost.

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