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Is there a way to force an iperf client to use a specific port number as its outgoing port instead of letting iperf on choosing a random port to use?

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Actually neither of these answers is correct: they specify the destination port, not the client port. It seems client port is random (but consistent in one run), without a way to specify it

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try: server side-

iperf -s -i1 -fm -w512k -p1

client side-

iperf -c <ipadr> -i1 -fm -w512k -p1

-p option indicates port no.

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-p, --port #    $IPERF_PORT The server port for the server to listen on and the client to connect to. This should be the same in both client and server. Default is 5001, the same as ttcp.

-p option denotes the port # to be use in client or server.Then you need to set the same port to server side and client site.

For example Server

iperf -s -p 10000


iperf -c SERVER_IP -p 10000 -t60
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