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I have a query that returns ~ 1 million rows in the following format:

data = [[i['field1'], i['field2']] for i in tbl.where(conditions)]

and it is taking more than 5 mins.

When I tried tbl.where(conditions) by itself, the query took less than a second so most of the time seems to be spent iterating over the rows in the list comprehension.

Is there a faster way of retrieving field1/field2 from the query? (I have sufficient RAM to store the results in memory)

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I don't know anything about your "tbl" but here are some things I would look at:

  1. Is your table using compression? print tbl.filters.complevel
  2. Presuming your "conditions" are dependent upon the table fields have you created an index for these fields? print tbl.indexedcolpathnames
  3. What if you use idx = tbl.get_where_list(conditions), tbl[:]['field1'][idx]
  4. If you have enough RAM, try opening your file in memory:
    h5file = tables.open_file('myfile.h5', driver="H5FD_CORE")
    tbl = h5file.root.tbl and see if that helps.
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