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In my app delegate I created a window "helpWindow" and I set its contents view to a NSView subclass. In my subclass I drawRect and make sure its the key window. The problem I am having is that on my mouse events the mouse down event works fine with the content view however, the mouse moved is not working and displaying the location. Do i have to add something to the mouseLocation ? I feel that the drawRect is covering up the mouse moved event. Thanks!

//in my appDelegate.m

controlFilterBox = [[MoveFilter alloc] initWithFrame:helpWindow.frame];
[helpWindow setContentView:controlFilterBox];
[controlFilterBox release];

//in my NSView subclass.m

        [[NSColor redColor] set];

        [[self window] makeKeyWindow]; 

    -(void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent 

        NSPoint eventLocation = [theEvent locationInWindow];
        NSPoint location = [self convertPoint:eventLocation fromView:nil];

        NSLog(@"exit %f %f", location.x, location.y); 

    -(void)mouseMoved:(NSEvent *)theEvent 
        NSPoint mouseLoc = [NSEvent mouseLocation];
        NSLog(@"mouseMoved: %f %f", mouseLoc.x, mouseLoc.y);
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I found the answer, it turns out it is best to create an NSTrackingArea to be able to use the mouseMoved event in a NSView.

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