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The site documents PInvoke signatures, user-defined types, and other information that you need to call unmanaged APIs from managed .NET code.

Is there a site that does the same for Java's JNA?

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Unfortunately, the MSDN library - which is very god btw - is not that free to use it to create documented wrapper for every windows dll in JNA. And I think the URLs to the descriptions don't remain constant over time. – akarnokd Jun 17 '09 at 12:40
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I've found


Nothing like though.

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One more option is

This has a native binder like JNA that attempts to be as compatible with PINVOKE bindings as possible. So in theory you can use PINVOKE as the reference.

An example from the site is:

public class BindingExample1
    static {

    public static native boolean GetComputerName(
                 StringBuilder lpBuffer, UIntPtr lpnSize);

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        StringBuilder name = new StringBuilder();
        UIntPtr size = new UIntPtr(100);
        if (GetComputerName(name, size)) {

The main difference is that you need the extra static constructor call to bind the native methods.

(disclaimer: I work on the project)

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