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Here is some testing code:

  var movieList = new Array();
  var friendList=" ";
  var friendCount = 0;

function get_friend_likes() {
FB.api('/me/friends', function(response) {
    friendCount = response.data.length;
    for( i=0; i<response.data.length; i++) {
      friendId = response.data[i].id;
      friendList=friendList+(response.data[i].name)+'<br/>';//store names
      FB.api('/'+friendId+'/movies', function(result) {
        movieList = movieList.concat(result.data); //fetch data to the pool
        document.getElementById('test').innerHTML = friendCount 
          + " friends to go ... ";
    } //end_for


The problem is: I can get the friends' names and ids successfully with the outer FB.api call, but I can't get '/movies' information in the inner FB.api call. The returned data is empty. Any insights on this? Thanks a lot!!

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According to the User object api documentation you need the "user_likes" permission to get /me/movies and "friends_likes" permission to get friendId/movies.

Have you asked for these permissions? Not sure how you authenticate your users, but you can do it with the javascript sdk as well:

FB.login(callbackFunction, { scope: "user_likes,friends_likes" });
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Yes, I forgot "friends_likes" in my login code.. How dumb.. –  pdxhiker Apr 8 '12 at 20:27

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