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Does JavaFX 2.0 supports printing? I have a text area from which I take the text and then I want to print it, but it seems that there is not functionality for that. Of course, here I am talking about printing to a printer. :)

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not yet supported. As a workaround you can make screenshot and print using Java2d.


Copying the image of a ScatterChart to system clipboard in JavaFX 2.0

Printing a BufferedImage in Java


JavaFX8 (which will be included into upcoming JDK8 release) has printing support. See nice example here: http://java.dzone.com/articles/introduction-example-javafx-8

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I believe it is already supported in JavaFX 2.2.

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JavaFX printer API was added in JavaFX 8, not in JavaFX 2.2 –  ItachiUchiha Feb 27 at 10:04

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