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In my index method I render a basic login form, that I sent to my index.scala.html:

 * Main entry method for the application
public static Result index() {
     return ok(views.html.index.render(form(Application.Login.class)));

In the file index.scala.html: I have defined the form parameter:

@(form: Form[Application.Login])

@main(title = "myTitle") {
    <h2>Testing app</h2>

So, in this file I call the parent template by @main(...). But how to pass the form to my parent template? I have tried the following:

@(form: Form[Application.Login])

@main(title = "myTitle", form) {
    <h2>Testing app</h2>

and the in my main.scala.html the following:

@(title: String, form: Form[Application.Login])(content: Html)

But this is not working, I get the following error message:

not enough arguments for method apply: (title: java.lang.String, form:[controllers.Application.Login])(content: play.api.templates.Html)play.api.templates.Html in object main. Unspecified value parameter form.

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It’s probably an issue due to the usage of named parameters. Try @main(title = "myTitle", form = form) { … } or just @main("myTitle", form) { … } – Julien Richard-Foy Apr 9 '12 at 8:49
Julien, yes it is working. Just needed to clean and run my app. thanks – adis Apr 22 '12 at 19:35

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As Julien stated this is working:

@main(title = "myTitle", form = form) { … } or just @main("myTitle", form) { … } 
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