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So far when learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails I keep encountering the syntax


And have never clarified exactly what it means. Why the :: instead of say, a slash? Wouldn't ActionController/Base be more specific?

For example, while using the Globalize3 gem I added to my model the line

class About < ActiveRecord::Base
  translates :message

I get the generated model named MonthlyPost::Translation, but that doesn't explain much. Where exactly are these stored, and what does the :: mean? Any thoughts would be wonderful. Thanks.

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ActionController::Base means find the class Base in the module ActionController.

It's a way of organising your classes, and also to avoid conflicts with classes made by others.

Here is a good article explaining how to use Modules for namespaces.

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Thanks this was exactly what I was looking for. –  ruevaughn Apr 9 '12 at 4:44

Rails is ruby. Learn ruby and your questions will be answered.

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Thanks, I definitely agree. I'm currently reading the pickaxe ruby book, its a lot to learn so I try to ask more about certain topics im struggling with. –  ruevaughn Apr 9 '12 at 4:44

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