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Possible Duplicate:
Google Places Api subway and train station search in Russia stopped working

Few days ago I was testing (using) an application in which I got the most nearest subway station using google places API,however yesterday and today I have been testing again my application and now I can´t get subway stations close to me.

I was reading https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/places/supported_types and google allows to use subway station type, when I use other types such as hospital, store and parks application works!!!

I downloaded this -> http://github.com/brendannee/walksy

on Jscript file I wrote

  radius: 4000
, location: trip.start
, types: [
  , 'bus_station '
  , 'subway_station'

instead of

  radius: 5000
, location: trip.start
, types: [
  , 'aquarium'
  , 'bowling_alley'
  , 'casino'
  , 'cemetery'
  , 'city_hall'
  , 'embassy'
  , 'museum'
  , 'natural_feature'
  , 'park'
  , 'stadium'
  , 'zoo'
  , 'point_of_interest'

Can any one tellme what is my mistake?

thnaks a lot of.

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marked as duplicate by Tim Post Apr 10 '12 at 5:58

This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

I'm thinking it might be because according to its Github page:

For walking tours staring in San Francisco, the points of interest come from a google Fusion table with hand-picked points of interest in San Francisco, CA

Try picking a location outside of SF - it works for me. (maybe you should also add transit_station)

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I was testing with this :



{ "html_attributions" : [], "results" : [], "status" : "REQUEST_DENIED" }

I think that now google dont allow place service with subway station.

In other post somebody said:

Google Places Api subway and train station search in Russia stopped working


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This issue has already been reported on the Google Places API Issue Tracker here: http://code.google.com/p/gmaps-api-issues/issues/detail?id=4061

Please click the 'star' icon to be notified of future changes, and to let us know you are interested in seeing it resolved.

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