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I preload load two different images at the top of my javascript file.

var imgColor = new Image();
var imgLoadedColor = false;
imgColor.src = 'color/progress.png';

imgColor.onload = function(){
  imgLoadedColor = true;

var imgBlackWhite = new Image();
var imgLoadedColor = false;
imgBlackWhite.src = 'blackWhite/progress.png';

imgBlackWhite.onload = function(){
  imgLoadedColor = true;

The string in this.options.type is either imgColor or imgBlackWhite.

When I try to pass the argument this.options.type to a function, I get an error because the value in this.options.type is a string, not an object. However if I pass the argument imgColor it loads the colored image and if I pass the argument imgBlackWhite it loads the black and white image because imgColor and imgBlackWhite are objects.

How do I create a reference to the objects imgColor and imgBlackWhite from the value of the string in this.options.type?

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Need more code. What does the function your passing this.options.type look like? – Loktar Apr 8 '12 at 23:54
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Why not just use an if statement?

if (arg == "imgColor") return imgColor;
else return imgBlackWhite;

EDIT: you can also use new windowtypename to instantiate an object (per this thread: Instantiate a JavaScript Object Using a String to Define the Class Name). So, instead of the above:

return new window[arg]();
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Pass the argument:

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