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What's the best way to chain two querysets together? I've tried using itertools.chain() and bitwise OR.

The problem I have with chain() is that it doesn't play well with pagination. Because chain() returns a list, I get "Exception Value: 'list' object has no attribute '_clone'" when used with Django's pagination.

Bitwise OR is okay, but it doesn't seem to preserve the ordering. The two querysets just seem to be combined. I need the items of the first queryset to be placed before the items of the second queryset.

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chain doesn't return a list, it returns a chain. None of the itertools functions / classes return a sequence, they all return iterables. –  agf Apr 8 '12 at 23:57
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I don't know if there is simple solution for that problem. Following solution will work like a charm, but it's not simple.

Define your own QuerySum class in following way:

class QuerySum(object):
    def __init__(self, queries):
        self.queries = queries

    def _clone(self, queries):
        return QuerySum(q._clone() for q in self.queries)

    def __len__(self, queries):
        return sum(len(q) for q in self.queries)

    # you should define rest of the methods that paginator uses in similar manner

Use this implementation to chain queries.

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