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CircleShape circle = new CircleShape();
batch.draw(textureRegion, position.x - 1, position.y - 1, 
                            1f, 1f,
                            2, 2, 
                            1, 1, 

I use this to set the body for a Box2d collision but I get a silly circle shape around my texture in libGdx, i.e. my textured sprite (ball) has a circle over the top of it with a line running from center along the radius.

Any ideas on how to remove the overlying circle lines?

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This is a cross-post with You're using the debug renderer. – Steve Blackwell Apr 9 '12 at 21:46

Not 100% sure, haven't used Box2d with libgdx in a while. But look if you have any Box2DDebugRenderer that renders the box2d world. If so, just don't call its render() method.

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yes, uncomment the following line.

debugRenderer.render(world, viewport.getCamera().combined);
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