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I was using EclEmma coverage tool to test my code coverage. But whenever I run my test cases, It gives me the following error. Can you please tell me how can I solve this error.

enter image description here

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i met a similar question: java.lang.RuntimeException: Stub!

at junit.runner.Version.id(Version.java:5) at org.powermock.modules.junit4.PowerMockRunner.getJUnitVersion(PowerMockRunner.java:32) at org.powermock.modules.junit4.PowerMockRunner.(PowerMockRunner.java:27

the way i fix it is to move junit.jar ahead of android.jar in the class path of my eclipse project. and the reason is that both junit and android contains the same package and class for junit.runner.Version, so when android.jar is ahead, the class loader will laod this calss from android.jar but it should download it from junit.jar, and thus throwing the exception.

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I have met similar problem. Seems like it was because you add a android Jar to your project whitch is not a Anroid project. In my case,I change my project to a Android project and it works well.

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