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I am trying to use GDI+ to draw text onto an image, however, I notice that with DrawString(...) there is my text, followed by several misc characters (it looks like maybe Japanese). These characters only show up when using DrawString, and I notice by saving the Bitmap to a file. Does anyone know what may be causing this? My GDI Code is

#include <windows.h>
#include <Gdiplus.h>
using namespace Gdiplus;

int main(void)
    GdiplusStartupInput gdiplusStartupInput;
    ULONG_PTR           gdiplusToken;
    GdiplusStartup(&gdiplusToken, &gdiplusStartupInput, NULL);

    Font* myFont = new Font(L"Times New Roman", 10);
    Bitmap* characterBitmap = new Bitmap(256, 256, PixelFormat32bppARGB);
    Graphics* g = new Graphics(characterBitmap);


    SolidBrush* myBrush = new SolidBrush(Color::Black);
    g->DrawString(L"TEST", 48, myFont, PointF(0, 0), myBrush);

    CLSID pngClsid;
    GetEncoderClsid(L"image/png", &pngClsid);
    characterBitmap->Save(L"test.png",  &pngClsid, NULL);


    return 0;
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You should read the documentation of the Graphics::DrawString function.

The second parameter should be:

Integer that specifies the number of characters in the string array. The length parameter can be set to –1 if the string is null terminated.

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