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How do I use an unevaluated (and/or possibly undefined) variable as a parameter for a function? For example:

function myFun(a:int):void {
    a = 5;

If you are familiar with Mathematica it would be equivalent to:


The core idea being that it is the variable's name itself which I want to pass to the function, not the value which is current associated with the variable's name.

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You can pass a string.

private function my_fun(name:String):void {

Example of use:

public class Main extends Sprite {

public var a:int = 5;
    public function Main():void {

According to these guys: get string representation of a variable name in as3 if it's a classe you can get it's name. If it's a local variable you cannot, the reason is probably related with efficience (the name gets lost on compiling phase)

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Another way you could solve the problem is to use closures to change evaluation scopes.

public class A {
    public static function myFun(setter:Function):void {

public class B {
    function someOtherFunction() {
        var val:Number;
        A.myFun(function(v:Number):void { val = v; });
        trace(val); // 5

Instead of passing a value, I'm passing a function that is bound in the calling scope that is evaluated in the callee's scope.

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