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In the most basic question, is it at all possible to detect the notes being played in a particular piano piece using just the Android mic? In the future, the iPad mic if this goes well. To start, I'd just like to be able to hit a few keys on the piano and have the phone listen and tell me which notes I'm playing. This might require me to preset the pitch and frequency of those notes on the piano (that I'll be playing on) beforehand to define the actual frequency.

I've read about FFT, but I'm a bit unsure if that's what I'll be looking for. My biggest fear is that the device simply isnt powerful enough to compute all this in real time, which is the goal. If anyone could explain or point me to what I'm looking for, I would really appreciate it.

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Yes, it is theoretically possible, using an FFT or other related techniques like wavelets.

As to whether a phone will be powerful enough, I suspect the answer is "yes", but I have no specific evidence either way. I would try to compile libfft or similar for android and do some preliminary tests to see if it looks like a feasible approach.

Also, just a word of caution - it may be possible, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is easy. Especially if you want to detect simultaneous notes. A simple single note detector shouldn't be too difficult though.

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