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I just started using django-piston.

Usually, in Django, when my views throw an exception (and I'm in DEBUG=True mode), I get a really nice, helpful 500-error page with stack trace.

But when my Django-piston enabled views throw an exception instead of a nice stack trace page, I get a simple error page with only the exception message printed out.

For example...

Piston/0.2.3rc1 (Django 1.3) crash report:

Method signature does not match.

Signature should be: domain

Exception was: exceptions must be old-style classes or derived from BaseException, not NoneType

How do I get the helpful Django stack trace pages back?


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So here's a sort-of non-answer to my own question.

It seems like Django Piston is an almost-dead project. I switched to using Django Tastypie.

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