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I now have a class called EditBox which inherit from Qwidget and QTextEdit

And I'm trying to set a validator to this text edit box....

EditBox manbox;

How do I set up a validator to 0~100? with 2 decimal point?

I've tried

QDoubleValidator *testQD = new QDoubleValidator(manbox);

QLineEdit *sb1 = new QLineEdit( manbox );

but seems not working. Any where went wrong?

Or please guide me somewhere i can find full tutorial for this one. Thanks!

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You start by saying your class inherits QTextEdit, but then you are setting a validator on a QLineEdit. Which is it? Also, can you please be more specific about "seems not working"? – jdi Apr 9 '12 at 2:23
What does it mean that EditBox inherits after QWidget and QTextEdit? Does it use multiple inheritance? You can't set validator on QTextEdit object. In your example validator is set for sb1 QLineEdit. You only set up manbox for its parent. – doc Apr 9 '12 at 2:24

You can't set a validator for a QTextEdit, it only works for QLineEdit (and input widgets containing a QLineEdit like QSpinBox, QComboBox...).

If you only need one line, and restrict the content to a number, you could as well replace the QTextEdit in your class EditBox by a QLineEdit or a QDoubleSpinBox.

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