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I googled on how to unit test but examples are so simple. the examples always show functions that return something or do ajax that returns something - but never have i seen examples that do callbacks, nested callbacks and functions that are "one-way", that they just store something and never return anything.

say i have a code like this, how should i go about testing it?

    var cache = {};

    function dependencyLoader(dependencies,callback2){
        //loads a script to the page, and notes it in the cache

    function moduleLoader(dependencies, callback1){
            //do some setup

    window.framework = {
        moduleLoader : moduleLoader


    //call when all is loaded
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I believe you have a typo, it should say moduleloader : moduleLoader or else it would be undefined. this should've been picked up by a unit test. :-) – Spoike Apr 9 '12 at 2:47
@Spoike thanks for that. – Joseph the Dreamer Apr 9 '12 at 2:50
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This illustrates a problem with keeping things private in an anonymous function in javascript. It's a bit difficult to validate that things are working internally.

If this was done test first then the cache, dependencyLoader and moduleLoader should be publicly available on the framework object. Or else it would be difficult to validate that the cache was handled properly.

To get things going I'd recommend you take a gander on BDD, that conveniently gives you an approach to help you start by letting you spell out the behaviour with a given-when-then convention. I like to use Jasmine, which is a javascript BDD framework (that integrates with jstestdriver), for this kind of thing and the unit tests I'd make for the sample you have above would be:

describe('given the moduleloader is clear', function() {

    beforeEach(function() {
        // clear cache
        // remove script tag

    describe('when one dependency is loaded', function() {

        beforeEach(function() {
            // load a dependency

        it('then should be in cache', function() {
            // check the cache

        it('then should be in a script tag', function() {
            // check the script tag

        describe('when the same dependency is loaded', function() {

            beforeEach(function () {
                // attempt to load the same dependency again

            it('then should only occur once in cache', function() {
                // validate it only occurs once in the cache

            it('then should only occur once in script tag', function() {
                // validate it only occurs once in the script tag


    // I let the exercise of writing tests for loading multiple modules to the OP


Hope these tests are self explanatory. I tend to rewrite the tests so that they nest nicely, and usually the actual calls are done in the beforeEach functions while the validation are done in the it functions.

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Alternatively use mocha instead of jasmine, though I personally don't have experience with it but it has similar constructs. – Spoike Apr 9 '12 at 3:54

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