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I have a Grading db, looks like this:

StudentId | SubjectCode | Grade | DateApproved

Student1 | SUBJ1234 | - | 30-3-2012<br/>
Student1 | SUBJ1234 | 2.25 | 31-3-2012<br/>
Student1 | SUBJ45678 | 2.00 | 31-2012 

If you'll notice, there's an outdated duplicate with a blank grade (represented by "-").

I'd like to select all blank grades from the db THAT HAS A DUPLICATE BUT MORE RECENT item, so I can delete them.

How do I do this in SQL (MySql 5.5) ?

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WHAT HAVE YOU TRIED? – gdoron Apr 9 '12 at 2:57

You can try this:

   FROM yourTableName as t1 
   WHERE t1.Grade = "-" 
                     FROM yourTableName as t2 
                     WHERE t1.StudentId = t2.StudentId 
                         AND t1.SubjectCode = t2.SubjectCode 
                         AND t1.DateApproved < t2.DateApproved

The code basically selects all fields from your table, that have the grade set as - and there is a record that has the same StudentId and SubjectCode and a higher (newer) DateApproved.

EDIT: In case you want the "new" record to have a defined Grade (other than -), add: AND t2.Grade != '-' after the last condition in the inner query, before the closing bracket.

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