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I'd like to debug the request my Rails app makes with RestClient. The RestClient docs say:

To enable logging you can

set RestClient.log with a ruby Logger or set an environment variable to avoid modifying the code (in this case you can use a file name, “stdout” or “stderr”):

$ RESTCLIENT_LOG=stdout path/to/my/program Either produces logs like this:

RestClient.get "http://some/resource"

=> 200 OK | text/html 250 bytes

RestClient.put "http://some/resource", "payload"

=> 401 Unauthorized | application/xml 340 bytes

Note that these logs are valid Ruby, so you can paste them into the restclient shell or a >script to replay your sequence of rest calls.

How do I do get these logs included in my Rails apps log folder?

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from: https://gist.github.com/jeremy/1383337

require 'restclient'

# RestClient logs using << which isn't supported by the Rails logger,
# so wrap it up with a little proxy object.
RestClient.log =
  Object.new.tap do |proxy|
    def proxy.<<(message)
      Rails.logger.info message
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OR RestClient.log = $stdout –  Tokay-Ihto Jan 21 at 17:34

Create a file in config/initializers:
RestClient.log = 'log/a_log_file.log'
Or just put last in console


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may be so: RestClient.log = Rails.logger

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