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I'm trying to create a re-useable MonoTouch library that contains Views defined in a xib, and Controller code written in Objective-C.

  • I have created a static Objective-C library that contains the relevant controller code with all the outlets declared.
    A static *.a library obviously can't contain xib/nib data (if this is possible can someone please let me know), so I can't embed the xibs/nibs in this library.
  • I have created a 'MonoTouch Binding Project' that defines the relevant wrapper classes.
    This is where I would ideally also embed the xibs/nibs, and have them included in the app bundle of any final project that links this dll.

Now looking at what a 'MonoTouch Library Project' does with xibs - it compiles it to a nib using ibtool, and then embeds it as a resource in the resultant library dll using the /res option of smcs. I'm assuming this is triggered because the xib file is marked with a "InterfaceDefinition" build action in the project.

However a 'MonoTouch Binding Project' has no "InterfaceDefinition" build action. Is this possible at all using a MonoTouch Binding Project?

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm assuming I could get it working manually by combining what the Library project does with ibtool and smcs /res and what the Binding Project does with btouch and smcs. But I'd rather avoid this, I'm enjoying the lack of Makefiles lately.

Xamarin/MonoTouch team - any plans to add this to Binding Projects in the future? Any way to force it to work currently?

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Please use xamarin.uservoice.com/forums/149713-monotouch-suggestions so your suggestion does not get lost. –  poupou Apr 9 '12 at 12:05
@poupou So is that a no for 'Any way to force it to work currently'? –  Tyson Apr 9 '12 at 13:29
You could compile the xibs to nibs manually then set the build action to EmbeddedResource, and set the resource ID to the mangled format MT library projects use. –  mhutch Apr 9 '12 at 14:54

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