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spawn ssh derrick@$abc123.net
expect "password"
send "helloworld\n"
send "cd /tmp\n"
send "sh rename.sh\n" # this shell script will get a list of files and rename each file
send "exit\n"
expect eof

The problem is when 'rename.sh' started and within less than 3 seconds, the 'expect' script exits while 'rename.sh' is not yet done executed.

My question is how can I make my expect script to wait for the finish of 'rename.sh' execution?

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I finally figured out that disabling the timeout in the beginning would work.

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you can use timeout in expect script

example : set timeout < in seconds>

set timeout 8

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This is not a very satisfying solution. What happens if the command takes more than 8 seconds to run? –  Ortomala Lokni Nov 30 '14 at 17:41

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