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I am doing regular Expression to filter the invalid input entered by the end user.

The acceptable input is word, space, digital and . / @ , # & $ _ : ? ' % ! – ~ " | + ; ” { } - \ Below is my code.

   <asp:RegularExpressionValidator ID="rgVEditTB1" runat="server" ControlToValidate="txtEditTB1"   ValidationExpression="^[\w\s\d\-\.\/\@\,\#\&\$\:\?\"\'\%\!\–\~\|\+\;\”\{\}\-\\]+$"   ErrorMessage="Invalid Special Character"  />

However, I am encountering problem to escape " in the ValidataionExpression, it error out with Server Tag is not well formed error.

I tried to change the escape character to
It also give me the same error.

What should be the correct espace character to put in the ValidationExpression ?

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You should be able to pass in the HTML encoding values. So, passing &quot; would be like passing ". Something like this: ValidationExpression="^[^&quot;]+$". In this regex I am saying: Match any character from the beginning till the end of the string which is not a quotation mark (").

The same applies to the other special symbols. You can take a look here for more encoding values.

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