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Im trying to store a list,collection of data objects in Hbase. For example ,a User table where a the userId is the Rowkey and column family Contacts with column Contacts:EmailIds where EmailIds is a list of emails as


How do we model this in Hbase ? How do we do this in Java?/Python?Ive tried pickling and unpickling data in Python but this is one solution which I do not want to use due to performance issues.

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You can use it in the following manner:

| userid | contacts                                              |
| test   |; |


| userid | contacts                                              |
| test   |;           |

This way you can use versioning, add/remove as much email addresses as you want, use filters, and it is really easy to iterate over these KV pairs in the client code

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but what would be a good approach for storing a collection of complex records, i.e. records that have multiple fields? For example, addresses each having a city, state, etc. – Ruslan Oct 29 at 23:47

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