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So I perform a query to the db and I have a complete array of objects:

@attachments = Job.find(1).attachments

Now that I have an array of objects I don't want to perform another db query, but I would like to filter the array based on the Attachment object's file_type so that I can have a list of attachments where the file type is 'logo' and then another list of attachments where the file type is 'image'

Something like this:

@logos  = @attachments.where("file_type = ?", 'logo')
@images = @attachments.where("file_type = ?", 'image')

But in memory instead of a db query.


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Try :

This is fine :

@logos = @attachments.select { |attachment| attachment.file_type == 'logo' }
@images = @attachments.select { |attachment| attachment.file_type == 'image' }

but for performance wise you don't need to iterate @attachments twice :

@logos , @images = [], []
@attachments.each do |attachment|
  @logos << attachment if attachment.file_type == 'logo'
  @images << attachment if attachment.file_type == 'image'
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If your attachments are

@attachments = Job.find(1).attachments

This will be array of attachment objects

Use select method to filter based on file_type.

@logos = @attachments.select { |attachment| attachment.file_type == 'logo' }
@images = @attachments.select { |attachment| attachment.file_type == 'image' }

This will not trigger any db query.

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have you tried eager loading?

@attachments = Job.includes(:attachments).find(1).attachments
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Sorry I am not being clear: how do I filter by an object attribute's value without looping through the array? –  joepour Apr 9 '12 at 7:50
If I understood correctly, you want less db query, especially, once a query such as @attachments = Job.first.attachments executed, you want to loop the @attachments meanwhile you don't want any more db queries. is this what you want to do? –  Siwei Shen Apr 9 '12 at 8:46
I do a db query and receive an array of objects. I then want to create two separate lists from that one array by filtering the objects based on the value of their attributes (See original post) - cheers –  joepour Apr 9 '12 at 8:55

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