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We have a website and we'd like to check if the certificate installed is a wild-card certificate or tied to the specific URL only. Could this be checked in an easy way?

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You could look up the cert at its issuer-- you should be able to see there whether it's issued to *.domain.com or www.domain.com. Eg, Verisign.

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Any idea if GoDaddy has a similar kind of search? –  jwegner Mar 5 '13 at 18:51
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Browse to a secured page on your server, ie: https://yoursite.com

Click on the padlock in the URL bar and view the certificate. To do this in Chrome you click on the Connection tab then Certificate Information.

Check that the Common Name (CN) contains a * in front of your domain name.

Eg. for https://www.google.com

*.google.com cert

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