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I tried to install Ruby 1.9.3 using RVM. It seems that it installed without error, but the version of Ruby still remains 1.8.7.

Has anyone else encountered this situation?

AlexHo@server:~$ rvm install 1.9.3 
Already installed ruby-1.9.3-p125. 
To reinstall use:

rvm reinstall 1.9.3

AlexHo@server:~$ rvm reinstall 1.9.3 
Removing /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/src/ruby-1.9.3-p125... 
Removing /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p125... 
Removing ruby-1.9.3-p125 aliases... 
Removing ruby-1.9.3-p125 wrappers... 
Removing ruby-1.9.3-p125 environments... 
Removing ruby-1.9.3-p125 binaries... 
Fetching yaml-0.1.4.tar.gz to /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/archives 
Extracting yaml-0.1.4.tar.gz to /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/src 
Configuring yaml in /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/src/yaml-0.1.4. 
Compiling yaml in /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/src/yaml-0.1.4. 
Installing yaml to /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/usr 
Installing Ruby from source to: /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p125, this may take a while depending on your cpu(s)...

ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #fetching 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #extracting ruby-1.9.3-p125 to /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/src/ruby-1.9.3-    p125 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #extracted to /Users/AlexHo/.rvm/src/ruby-1.9.3-p125 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #configuring 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #compiling 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #installing 
Removing old Rubygems files... 
Installing rubygems-1.8.17 for ruby-1.9.3-p125 ... 
Installation of rubygems completed successfully. 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - adjusting #shebangs for (gem irb erb ri rdoc testrb rake). 
ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #importing default gemsets (/Users/AlexHo/.rvm/gemsets/) 
Install of ruby-1.9.3-p125 - #complete 
AlexHo@server:~$ ruby -v 
ruby 1.8.7 (2010-01-10 patchlevel 249) [universal-darwin11.0]
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You have to specify which version of Ruby you want to use. Try the following:

rvm use 1.9.3 --default
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OH!! Thank you! – lavitanien Apr 9 '12 at 8:35

I think you are missing this command:

$ rvm use 1.9.3
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You can see which versions of ruby are installed by using:

rvm list

You will also see which version has been set to default.

The default version can be set with:

rvm use 1.9.3 --default 

If you are running Ruby On Rails you might also check the .rvmrc file in your working directory which can hold a string like:

rvm ruby-1.9.3@gemset

to define which Ruby version should be used for the current directory.

Hope this helps!

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It's --default not default – mpapis Apr 9 '12 at 8:12
sorry I thought this syntax was working - edited it – alex Apr 9 '12 at 8:49

Auto selecting rubies is not yet implemented, open a ticket at and I will add it.

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