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I have tried mupdf library to render my pdf ie. to have my own PDF VIewer, but when i try to form file using Cygwin on my Windows system, getting errors and .so file not building.

plz guide.

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  1. Download latest android NDK
  2. Install CYGWIN
  3. Download complete source code of MUPDF (with thirty part tool)
  4. Download ANT build for windows
  5. set all needed path (JAVA_HOME,ANT_HOME)
  6. go to MuPDF directory
  7. Run MAKE command
  8. Then Import project in android from c:\mupdf\android
  9. Run your android project.

Don't forget to keep at least one pdf in Downloads folder

also follow all the step given in mupdf

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when i try to run make command it says "make is not internal or external command" did i miss some installation? or i am missing some enviromental variable – umerk44 Jul 16 '14 at 23:22
@umerk44 Check if you have make installed: make -v. If not, download it from cygwin installer. – joao2fast4u Sep 11 '14 at 16:00

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