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I have made a jsfiddle with my code at I want to create a simple shopping cart where I can add and remove Items. My intention is that the Product will be an object (Name and Price) The Shopping cart will hold a list of items, where each item is built from a Product and quantity.

My problem is I can't find a way to set the textbox Price by the product selected in the dropdown list in each line.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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you should use the value binding for input elements, otherwise you will get a DOM error.

Furthermore you have set the optionsValue property of the options binding to 'Name', which will cause knockout to set the value of ShoppingCartItem.Product to the name of the product.

Binding to nested properties like Product.Price will cause an error if a parent (in this case Price) evaluates to undefined. Hence you need to test if Product is defined... like this: data-bind="value: (Product() ? Product().Price : '')"

Here is a working solution of your jsfiddle:

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