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I'm using MapPageRoute (ASP.NET 4) for supporting friendly urls in a multi language web site.

I want to be able to pass additional parameters along with the ones defined in the MapPageRoute.

In the example above, I need to determine the requested language according to the URL: (if it is "Accessories", the page should be in English, if it is "Accessoires" - the page should be in French):

           "Accessory fr",

       "Accessory en",

So, no problem with the requested accessory name, it is read by using Page.RouteData.Values["accessory_name"], but how can I read the lang parameter ?

I cannot use Request["lang"] since it doesn't give me the requested results. Somehow, the ?lang=xx is not taken .

Any other idea, how can I pass additional parameter, assuming this parameter is not found explicitly in the URL ?

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If what you want is to pass additional parameters to your route handler(page), you can set DataTokens property,

Route reportRoute = new Route("Accessoires/{accessory_name}", new PageRouteHandler("~/Accessory.aspx"));
reportRoute.DataTokens = new RouteValueDictionary { { "lang", "en" } };

You could access this in your handler(page),

string lang = (string)Page.RouteData.DataTokens["lang"];

Check msdn, Route.DataTokens Property

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