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I want to check the list of symbol exported by the Linux kernel. So I fire the command,

# cat /proc/kallsyms
0000000000000000 D per_cpu__irq_stack_union
0000000000000000 D __per_cpu_start
0000000000004000 D per_cpu__gdt_page
0000000000005000 d per_cpu__exception_stacks
000000000000b000 d per_cpu__idt_desc
000000000000b010 d per_cpu__xen_cr0_value
000000000000b018 D per_cpu__xen_vcpu
000000000000b020 D per_cpu__xen_vcpu_info
000000000000b060 d per_cpu__mc_buffer
000000000000c570 D per_cpu__xen_mc_irq_flags

This is the output I got. My question is that, what is the meaning of each field in this output? The first field looks like the address, I didn't get any reference for second field. Can anybody explain to me the meaning of the values, D,d,t,T,s in second field?

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The characters in the second column have the same meaning they do in the output from nm:

D d The symbol is in the initialized data section.

S s The symbol is in an uninitialized data section for small objects.

T t The symbol is in the text (code) section.

Uppercase symbols are global/exported; lowercase are local unexported symbols.

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