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After completion of execution of an activity i want to make jSONArray empty or delete it. Because when i am calling the activity repeatedly the new data gets append to the old data present in JSONArray. My jsonArray is as shown below..


First time:

Second time:
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After building the JSON array, nullify the JSONArray object..Next time again build the JSON Array

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Answered here

// Assuming you have constructed the replacement as
JSONObject jsonArray11_obj2 = new JSONObject();
jsonArray11_obj2.put("intensity", "high");
jsonArray11_obj2.put("Body_SubParts", "Scalp");
// ...

// Then the code doing the replacement would look similar to
int index = 0;
((JSONObject)jsonArray.get(index)).getJSONArray("record").put(0, jsonArray11_obj2);
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