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I want to catch the event when the date is picked up
and when the day pick appear the control should close
(I just want to select the year and month but not the day)

and show on text just the month and the year (display value)

if this is possible
thanks in advance

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There have been a number of questions/posts about this and various DevExpress controls. I am not sure if you are looking at winforms, asp, etc... but so far as I am aware this is a feature still not built in to the devexpress controls.

Here is one of those posts, that includes an example solution of a popupcontainer control to accomplish that task in winforms.

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On DevExpress 12.2 this task can be accomplished by set DateEdit => Properties => VistaCalendarViewStyle to YearView, YearsGroupView, CenturyView.

I don't know wether it applicable to lower version or not.

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