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Hi i'm trying to create and distribute an update/patch for my app on app store. Does anyone know how to made it in the best way? Thanks

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There's no such thing as a patch or pure update - you release a full version of the app with the changes you require.

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You mean that i have only to re-upload my new app version on the app store? – Elmar Apr 9 '12 at 9:47
After you apply for the new version, yes. Then you wait for the review just like the first time. – borrrden Apr 9 '12 at 9:49
you could use – ekeren May 11 at 7:28

Apple does not have an interface for hot-patching production native apps, if it's a hybrid app many of the JavaScript platforms allow to upload new JS, so some functionality might be fixed / replaced / etc. I have also seen more hardcore solutions like this one a Lua script that you can load and patch your app remotely (might be in Apple's gray lines)

We @ created an SDK the allow you to remotely hot-patch native production applications without any remote code-injection, you can read more on how here, you cannot introduce new code but you can do many others things from enabling/disabling a function and conditionally changeing input and output variables to surrounding a function with a try/catch and even adding analytic events on the fly.

Apple has recently made their policies more clear with regards to JS code, basically allowing you to remotely add/remove JS code, does not support this now, but in the future would allow you to fix broken objc / Swift implementation with new JS implementation.

Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder.

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